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News outlets: Our latest study on alligator tooth renewal was covered by
The Science News Daily
US News and World Report
See the right column for a link to the original article on alligator tooth renewal.

Our work on feather pigmentation was also recently covered in

Our work is now covered by a few news outlets including ABC news, Fox News, etc.

A concept animal showing ectodermal and endodermal organs

Research Description
    The laboratory asks fundamental questions in bio-medical research. The focus of our research is morphogenesis, i.e. how cells are assembled into functional forms. We are concerned with the principles that determine the specific number, size and shape of different organs. This is an important process, as there is much to learn about the principles that can guide stem cells to form specific tissues and organs required for medical treatment. Our approach is to ask Nature how she does it - using the feather as a Rosetta stone to decipher these principles, because of the distinctive forms of feathers and interest in the evolution of flight. This unique model has allowed us to make several major impacts in the field of morphogenesis and develop interesting interfaces with scientists in different disciplines.  

Chuong, CM and Richardson, M. Editors

A Special Issue on Pattern Formation

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Jan 2015