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Welcome to the "Shooper" page. "Shoop, there it is!"

Many Shoop's in the world, believe it or not. I've met (via the Web) four other David M. Shoop's. Here is a brief bio, so you can figure out which one I am. I Live in the Fairfax District in Los Angeles, CA. I work at the USC School of Medicine (24 years) and am the Director of Audio-Visual Services.

Father: Nathaniel Miller Shoop Mother: Virginia May Enyeart (Eva). Sibs: Bebe Ann Burgeles (Baldwin), Linda May Shoop (Shawn Randall), Lori Ann Shoop (Karoum), Bonnie Walker. Niece: Cynthia Burgeles (Forsyth). God-daughter: Kim.
Two dumb birds, a dumber fish and last but not least, my dog, "Blue"
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