This is the personal WWW page for:

Gary Zeger

How to set up a personal web page at the USC Health Sciences Campus:


  1. Open up unix account
  2. Open up PPP account
  3. Download PPP software from Norris Library (or use Atlas FTP site).
  4. Open up the telenet host presenter and enter "requestwww" to set up a personal page.
  5. Download information on HTML coding
  6. Download an HTML editor
  7. Locate your index.html file in the usc.edu ftp site
  8. Transfer the index.html to the site of your HTML editor
  9. Compose you page on the editor, note file name change to index.htm
  10. transfer your completed HTML file back to usc.edu


You can e-mail me at: gzeger@hsc.usc.edu