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* Note:   Beautiful diagrams in "a" and "b" are modified from diagrams by

Jennifer H. LaVail, Ph.D.  

while beautiful pictures in "c" are by Kimberly Topp, ,

Judy A. Garner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Cell and Neurobiology

USC School of Medicine

1333 San Pablo St.

Los Angeles, CA  90033

(323) 442-1279 (T)

(323) 442-3083 (F)

OFFICE: McKibben Annex 351

LAB:   McKibben Annex 349

Course Director: INTD 531, Advanced Cell Biology.

                           CNB 521 Human Neuroanatomy

                           Year I Medical Student Neuroanatomy/Neurophysiology  (includes Year I Neurosciences Schedule)

Areas of Research Interest and Activity:

Recent publications:

Garner, J.A., K. D. Linse, and R.K. Polk, “Type I Brain hexokinase, axonal transport and membrane associations within central nervous system presynaptic terminals.” J. Neurochem.67: 845-856 (1996)

Hinton, D.R., R.K. Polk, K.D. Linse, M.H. Weiss, K. Kovacs, and J.A. Garner. “Characterization of spherical amyloid protein from a prolactin-producing pituitary adenoma” Acta Neuropathologica 93: 43-49 (1997).

LaVail, J.H., K.S. Topp, P.A. Giblin, and J. A. Garner. “Factors that contribute to the efficiency of transneuronal spread of herpes simplex virus” J. Neurosci. Res. 49: 485-496 (1997)

He, P.M., S. He, J. A. Garner, S.J. Ryan, and D.R. Hinton. Retinal pigment epithelial cells secrete and respond to hepatocyte growth factor. BBRC 249:253-257 (1998).

Garner, J.A., and J.H. LaVail. Differential anterograde spread of HSV Type 1 viral strains in the murine optic pathway . J. Neurovirology 5 (2): 140-1550 (1999).

Garner, J.A., Centrifugation: Subcellular Fractionation of Organelles.  In The Encyclopedia of Separation Science,  Academic Press,  London (In Press).