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2025 Zonal Avenue,
RMR 210
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Phone: (323) 442-2371

John Zhong , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Pathology


University of Southern California, Ph.D., 2003
University of Southern California, M.Sc., 2002
California State University, San Jose, B.Sc., 1997

Research Interest

My research interests focus on developing the knowledge base of gene regulation required to support manipulation of stem cell differentiation and self-renewal.  Our research involves the use of microfluidic processors for simultaneous profiling of multiple single-cells. In contrast to other investigators who study the lysate of a cell population, we study the molecular profiles of single-cells at continuous developmental stages to investigate gene regulation.

Cell fate is determined by the gene-gene interactions within a cell after receiving environmental signals. Analyzing single-cells at continuous developmental stages reveals the stepwise gene-gene interaction during cell development. A cell population often contains cells at various developmental stages because of the heterogeneity and asynchrony among cells. Studying the lysate of a cell population can only obtain population-averaging data which are not informative enough to understand how gene-gene interactions determine cell fates. Therefore, studying gene regulation at the single-cell level is necessary and effective


Recent Publications

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Zhong J.F, Song Y, Du J, Gamache C, Burke K, Lund BT and Weiner LP: Gene Regulation Networks Related to Neural Differentiation of hESC. Gene Expression 14(1): 23-34, 2007.

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