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Your smile. It’s one of the first things people notice and of the first things that says who you are. But many of us are self-conscious about our smile. Now all that can change. Laser tooth whitening process gives you the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted.

This is the quickest, easiest and most effective deep tooth whitening process available. In the past, some kinds of stains have been resistant to traditional techniques. Now, through the use of FDA cleared laser technology - it is possible to achieve whitening results previously thought unattainable. Coffee, tobacco, tetracycline stains, and darkening due to aging and root canals can now be treated with excellent results.

The appointment takes two to three hours and is performed after a brief consultation with the doctor.

This procedure begins with the application of a gel to the teeth. When energized by special laser, the gel acts as a catalyst to whiten the enamel. Two different lasers are usually used. The Argon laser, which emits a visible blue light (is used first to activate the bleaching gel) will be absorbed by the dark stains. This laser becomes less effective as the tooth whitens, because the blue light will be reflected rather than absorbed by the whiter tooth surface. Then the CO2 Laser, which emits invisible infrared energy, is used to achieve deeper penetration of the energized oxygen atoms leading to a deeper, more efficient tooth whitening.

Laser whitening is far superior to traditional bleaching methods because dramatic results are achieved with just one treatment. Most other methods require trays to be worn up to eight hours a day for three to six weeks and often achieve less satisfactory results.

For more information contact Dr. Khalifeh at:

Museum Dental Center, Museum square, 5757 Wilshire Blvd., Promenade #5, Los Angeles, CA. 90036   Tel. (323)933-3855

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