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Jack Lowe (age 25) and Ann Whirly (age 20) were united in marriage in 1870, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Into this union six sons and four daughters were born. All children are deceased.

Thanks to the Almighty God, Jack Lowe's family has come a long way from slaves to masters of their own destiny. We have no record of his birth other than the grave marker listing 1835. If the information about his age and year of marriage is correct we can put his year of birth as 1845. Some have it that he came from Georgia to Westmoreland by way of the Potomac River and settled around Peggy Tone.

In the Westmoreland County History book he is not listed as a free man which means that he was a slave. He constantly reminded his children that his brother was sold into slavery and never seen again, and he had a sister that was beaten to death by her master.

Jack fought in the Civil War against slavery. When he returned from the war he settled in Tucker Hill, Virginia near Carey's Corner in the Cople District. It is stated that he received a rather large lump pension for his Military Service. He made wise use of it by purchasing approximately sixty acres of land and built a home for his family.

Jack Lowe reared his children in a Christian home, so all of them became members of Zion Baptist Church Tucker Hill, Virginia or Bethlehem Baptist Church Penllyn, Pennsylvania. Some were Deacon's, Trustees, and Choir Members. Jeremiah Lowe was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel. Jack's children knew that it was better to "be a doorkeeper in the house of God than to dwell in the tents of the wicked" - Psalms 84:10

(This information comes from the 1988 family reunion booklet and was taken from the Book of Marriages number 1853 page 41)

Jack Lowe's Free Born Children

The names and birthdays of the free born children of Jack Lowe, taken from the Index Register of Births in Westmoreland County at Montross, Virginia 22520.

Maria N Lowe...............July 12, 1872
Jeremiah Lowe "Jerry"......March 15, 1876
Clarence E. Lowe...........December 30, 1877
Martha Ann Lowe "Mat"......September 19, 1879
Daniel Lowe "Dan"..........March 2, 1882
Mary M Lowe................May 9, 1884
John M Lowe................July 9, 1886
Aaron Archie Lowe "Arch"...January 30, 1888
Archie Lowe "William"......January 10, 1889
Rachel Lowe................March 10, 1891

During this time many people changed their names without notifying the registrar. Some of the children have Jack Lowe as their father and some have John Lowe.

We are the Decendents of Jeremiah and Lucinda Lowe

Madora Lowe
Clarence Lowe "Uncle Piggy" (married) Marjorie Lowe
Edith Lowe James "Battle" (married) Everett James
Ezra Lowe "Zeke"
Ralph B. Lowe (married) Marjorie Gordon
Elizabeth Lowe
Emma Jane Lowe Thompson (married) Joe Thompson
Gertrude Lowe James (married) Wallace James Jr.

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