Literature Search : 3 Sites to Check



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Database of Reviews of Effectiveness

The NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, University of York

A quick and easy source for studies of effectiveness, and a good place to start. You want to search DARE, one of the Cochrane Library databases.


1. Enter a search term
2. Enter field to search (e.g. title or all fields)
3. Enter any additional search term
4. Enter field to search

pain/Title AND acupuncture/All fields

Result: 12 citations

National Library of Medicine (NML), PubMed

NLM search service that provides access to citations in MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE.


1. Search box: choose PubMed 

2. Enter search term 

3. Be sure to click the limits button 

4. Enter limits in the labeled boxes




pain AND acupuncture: Title Word. Limits: All Adults, Publication Date from 1997/01/01 to 2000/08/01, English, Clinical Trial, Human

Result: 15 citations

National Library of Medicine, Internet Grateful Med



Internet Grateful Med provides access to MEDLINE and many other databases. The search screen for MEDLINE has 3 empty text boxes where you can enter words or phrases to search on. Whatever you enter in those boxes can be searched as subject (the default), as author name or as text word in title--more flexibility here than on the PubMed search screen. 


1. Choose MEDLINE

2. Enter search term and select a category in the "as" box

3. Continue with a second and third term (you can select different categories for each)

4. Be sure to apply limits, which are right on the same page



pain (title word) AND acupuncture (subject): Limits: All Adult, Publication Date from 1997/01/01/ to 2000/08/01, English, Clinical Trial, Human

Result: 17 citations


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