Thomas D. Coates, M.D.

Punam Malik, M.D.

Martine Torres, Ph.D.

Eugenio De Hostos, Ph.D.

Four-Dimensional Imaging of mature human neutrophils derived from human CD34+ progenitors transfected with GFP-Actin.

A Z-series at 1 micron intervals of a  PMN moving on a surface was acquired every 10 seconds.

The time series here is  formed from 1 micron sections at the plane of contact of the PMN with the surface taken from Z-series stacks acquired at 10 second intervals and restored by exhaustive photon reassigment.

The extension of a single lamellipod can be seen as this PMN starts to move.  A dense cortical rim of actin is present in the back of cell and seems to squeeze the cytoplasm toward the extending lamella. 

(Web posting courtesy of Mr. David L. Loor)

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