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Tishya A. L. Wren, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Research
Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery, Radiology & Biomedical Engineering
University of Southern Calilfornia

Director of Research, Motion Analysis Laboratory
Children's Orthopaedic Center
, Children's Hospital Los Angeles  

Phone: 323-361-4120 | Fax: 323-361-1310 | Email: twren@chla.usc.edu


B.A. Amherst College - Computer Science (1992)
M.S. Stanford University - Mechanical Engineering (1994)
Ph.D. Stanford University - Mechanical Engineering (1997)

Research Interests

  • Gait and motion analysis
  • Development and functional adaptation of the musculoskeletal system
  • Bone density and fractures in children
  • Biomechanics and modeling of muscles, tendons, and bones

Dr. Wren is a biomechanical engineer working in clinical environment.  As Director of Research for the Motion Analysis Laboratory at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), Dr. Wren conducts clinical and basic research in several different areas of orthopaedics.  Two of the primary areas are (1) evaluation and treatment of gait abnormalities in children with neurologic deficits and (2) assessment of bone density and fractures in children.  This research is carried out in collaboration with colleagues in the Children's Othopaedic Center as well as faculty in the Children's Imaging Research Program.

Medical and engineering students with an interest in orthopaedics and/or biomechanics are encouraged to inquire about our research programs.  Contact Dr. Wren directly for more information.

Selected Publications

Wren TAL, Shepherd J, Kalkwarf H, Zemel B, Lappe J, Oberfield S, Dorey FJ, Winer K, Gilsanz V.  Racial disparity in fracture risk between white and non-white children in the United States.  Journal of Pediatrics, epub ahead of print Sept 10, 2012.

Wren TAL, Otsuka NY, Bowen RE, Scaduto AA, Chan LS, Sheng M, Hara R, Kay RM.  Influence of gait analysis on decision-making for lower extremity orthopaedic surgery:  baseline data from a randomized controlled trialGait and Posture 34, 364-369, 2011.

Wren TAL, Gorton GE III, Ounpuu S, Tucker CA.  Efficacy of clinical gait analysis:  A systematic review.  Gait and Posture 34, 149-153, 2011.

Wren TAL, Lee DC, Kay RM, Dorey FJ, Gilsanz V.  Bone density and size in ambulatory children with cerebral palsy.  Dev. Med. Child Neurol. 53, 137-141, 2011.

Wren TAL, Lee DC, Hara R, Rethlefsen SA, Kay RM, Dorey FJ, Gilsanz V.  Effect of high frequency, low magnitude vibration on bone and muscle in children with cerebral palsy.  J Pediatr. Orthop. 30, 732-738, 2010.

Wren TAL, Cheatwood AP, Rethlefsen SA, Hara R, Perez FJ, Kay RM.  Achilles tendon length and medial gastrocnemius architecture in children with cerebral palsy and equinus gait.  J Pediatr. Orthop. 30, 479-484, 2010.

Wren TAL, Kalisvaart, MM, Ghatan CE, Rethlefsen SA, Hara R, Sheng M, Chan LS, Kay RM.  Effect of pre-operative gait analysis on costs and amount of surgery.  J Pediatr. Orthop. 29, 558-563, 2009.

Wren TAL, Do KP, Hara R, Rethlefsen SA.  Use of a patella marker to improve tracking of dynamic hip rotation range of motion.  Gait and Posture 27, 530-534, 2008.

Wren, T.A.L., Rethlefsen, S.A., and Kay, R.M.
  Prevalence of specific gait abnormalities in children with cerebral palsy:  Influence of cerebral palsy subtype, age, and previous surgery.  J. Ped. Orthop. 25, 79-83, 2005.

Wren TAL, Liu X, Pitukcheewanont P, Gilsanz V.
  Bone densitometry in pediatric populations:  discrepancies in the diagnosis of osteoporosis by DXA and CT.  J. Pediatrics 146, 776-779, 2005.

Wren TAL, Liu X, Pitukcheewanont P, Gilsanz V.  Bone acquisition in healthy children and adolescents:  comparison of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry and computed tomography measures.  J. Clin. Endocrin. Metabol. 90, 1925-1928, 2005.

Wren TAL, Lindsey DP, Beaupré GS, Carter DR (2003) 
Effects of creep and cyclic loading on the mechanical properties and failure of human Achilles tendons.   Annals of Biomedical Engineering 31, 710-717.

Wren TAL, Yerby SA, Beaupré GS, Carter DR (2001) 
Mechanical properties of the human Achilles tendon.  Clinical Biomechanics 16, 245-251.

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