Zhuo Wang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Research
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Kech School of Medicine
University of Southern California

Contact Information
E-mail: zhuowang@usc.edu
Phone: (323) 442-1228
Fax: (323) 442-1587

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Journal Publication (PDFs are provided for research purpose only.)

Wang Z, Myers KG, Guo Y, Ocampo MA, Pang RD, Jakowec MW, Holschneider DP. (2013) Functional reorganization of motor and limbic circuits after exercise training in a rat model of bilateral Parkinsonism. PLoS ONE, 8(11): e80058.

Wang Z, Ocampo MA, Pang RD, Bota M, Bradesi S, Mayer EA, Holschneider DP. (2013) Alterations in prefrontal-limbic functional activation and connectivity in chronic stress-induced visceral hyperalgesia. PLoS ONE, 8(3): e59138.

Holschneider DP, Guo Y, Wang Z, Roch M, Scremin OU. (2013) Remote brain network changes after unilateral cortical impact injury and their modulation by acetylcholinesterase inhibition. J of Neurotrauma, 30(11): 907-919. (A figure was selected for cover illustration of the issue.)

Wang Z, Pang RD, Hernandez M, Ocampo MA, Holschneider DP. (2012) Anxiolytic-like effect of pregabalin on unconditioned fear in the rat: An autoradiographic brain perfusion mapping and functional connectivity study. NeuroImage, 59(4): 4168-4188.

Wang Z
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Pang RD, Wang Z, Klosinski LP, Guo Y, Herman DH, Celikel T, Dong HW, Holschneider DP. (2011) Mapping functional brain activation using [14C]-iodoantipyrine in male serotonin transporter knockout mice. PLoS ONE, 6(8): e23869.

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Editorial by Dr. Volker Neugebauer: Visceral pain and the black box called brain. Pain, 13(1): 5-6.

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